Monday, September 15, 2014

Android Tips Untuk Para Masyarakat Luas Berkualitas BBM Theme etc

Memang saat ini sangat banyak review tentang website website indonesia yang berkualitas seperti misalnya wikipedia.

Di kesempatan pertama ini kita akan me review tentang sebuah website yang sangat dapat dipercaya dan website yang bagus untuk digunakan sebagai media referensi sebagai tempat kita mencari sebuah solusi untuk masalah dalam kehidupan kita yang bersangkutan dengan hp android, website tersebut adalah Di dalam terdapat banyak konten yang sangat ramai seperti Theme BBM Mod Android - BBM Android Modifikasi Lengkap Part 2 di halaman ini kemudian PES 2014 for Android dan Update Patch Terbaru Full Version di post ini lalu bahkan Dua Aplikasi WhatsApp Akun Aktif di Satu Android di dalam sini.

Dalam website ini kami kontributor telah sangat mempercayai reputasi blog ini karena blog ini telah berdiri lumayan lama dan telah memiliki viewer yang cukup banyak dan review review yang ada pun cukup menjanjikan untuk website ini menjadi sebuah referensi masalah android anda atau jika anda membutuhkan konten konten yang telah dimodifikasi atau game seperti wikipedia. jika anda ingin mendapatkan game secara gratis anda bisa datang ke kemudian di sana anda juga bisa menemukan bahwa terdapat beberapa juga kategori yaitu kategori tweak android kategori android trik android tips aplikasi sms dan lain sebagainya semua itu terdapat di dalam blog ini sehingga blog ini memiliki potensi yang sangat kaya dan patut kita pertimbangkan untuk dibuka setiap kali kita cara menggunakan hp android atau membuka halaman website atau membuka browser dengan menggunakan mozilla firefox.

Tersedia cara untuk memaksimalkan kinerja firefox dan google chrome agar aplikasi aplikasi berjalan dengan optimal kemudian di antara itu juga terdapat bagaimana caranya agar kita bisa menggunakan internet atau menggunakan gps tanpa koneksi internet sama sekali dan terdapat juga bagaimana cara kita agar bisa meremote pc kita hanya dari genggaman telepon kita dengan cara yang sangat mudah dan praktis.

Sebut saja artikel yang sedang trending nya yaitu Cara Menambahkan Detik Jam di Status Bar Android di link ini atau Tema BBM Mod Android Klub Bola dan Timnas Part 2 Tema BBM Mod Android Klub Bola dan Timnas Part 2 dan mungkin satu lagi tentang apps android Cara Mengubah / Mengganti Variasi Tampilan Aplikasi BBM Android disini.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cuban 5 member optimistic

HAVANA (AP) - A Cuban intelligence agent who spent more than 15 years in a United States prison says he's optimistic that softening US attitudes will lead to the liberation of three fellow agents who remain behind bars.
Fernando Gonzalez, whom the Cuban government lauds as a national hero, told The Associated Press that one of the most positive signs he's seen is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statement in a recent book that she recommended that President Barack Obama end the decades-long US embargo on Cuba.
The case of the so-called Cuban Five has been linked to that of Alan Gross, a US government subcontractor serving a 15-year prison sentence for bringing in sensitive technology.
Gonzalez says "at this moment there's a political context that makes me cautiously optimistic."
"There's a growing interest there in changing US policy toward Cuba," he said. "I would like to think that before finishing his term, President Obama would decide to improve relations with Latin America. That would involve a change with Cuba and that would necessarily take place through a solution to the case of my three colleagues."
Asked if it would be impossible for Cuba to free Gross without the immediate US release of the three imprisoned Cubans, he said, "I think it would be very difficult."
"From my personal point of view, I think the liberation of my three colleagues would be necessary."
The US has called for Gross to be released immediately, saying he "has been imprisoned by Cuban authorities for more than four years for doing nothing more than helping Cuban citizens gain access to the Internet."
A lawyer for Gross, who has spent more than four years imprisoned in Cuba, said last month that his client cannot take life in prison much longer and has said his goodbyes to his wife and a daughter. Gross' legal team could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday afternoon.
Gross was arrested in Cuba in 2009 while working here to covertly set up Internet access. His attorney, Scott Gilbert, said that his client "has withdrawn" and told him "life in prison is not a life worth living." Gross has previously said through his lawyer that his 65th birthday, which took place in May, would be the last one that he "celebrates in Havana, one way or the other."
At the time Gross was arrested, he was working as a subcontractor for the US government's US Agency for International Development. He had travelled repeatedly to Cuba on a mission to expand Internet access using sensitive technology typically available only to governments, a 2012 AP investigation found. Cuba considers USAID's programs illegal attempts by the US to undermine its government.
Gonzalez said that as a former prisoner he felt personally sympathetic toward Gross, 65, but felt that the US bore full blame for Gross' predicament.
"From a human point of view I don't wish prison on anybody. From that point of I can understand the situation he finds himself in, but I also understand that responsibility for Mr. Gross falls 100 per cent on the government of the US," Gonzalez said.

Mark Cuban Shares The 4 Simple Keys To A Perfect Pitch

Luckily, Cuban broke down the basics of a perfect pitch at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference on September 9. 
First, Cuban warned that funding isn’t the “end-all, be-all,” which is especially important given the intense focus on funding in most young Silicon Valley companies. Instead, Cuban emphasizes cash flow.
He keeps an eye out for the company’s game-plan for becoming “insanely cash-flow positive.” With the insane cash flow, he says, it’s an easy decision for the investor to keep funding as the company matures. 
The second major faux pas that entrepreneurs make, Cuban says, is asserting that your company is going to be a disruptive success if it captures a mere slice of a billion-dollar market. 
Cuban tells TechCrunch he looks for four things when deciding whether to invest in a company:
• The company’s core competency: What you’re aggressively, remarkably, and incomparably good at. 
• Why you’re great: Why the team is totally capable of cruising through the storms that will inevitably come in launching a startup. 
• How the idea is protect-able: Why you’re not going to get scooped by someone doing it more cheaply and faster than you. 
• How it can scale: How you’re going to be able to serve the whole of a market — not just a slice of it. 
For more from Cuban, watch the video.
Read more stories on Business Insider, Malaysian edition of the world’s fastest-growing business and technology news website.

Carl Frampton beats Kiko Martinez to capture International Boxing Federation super-bantamweight title

Carl Frampton beats Kiko Martinez to capture International Boxing Federation super-bantamweight title
Home hero: Carl Frampton is held aloft after beating Kiko Martinez in front of a home crowd in Belfast Photo: GETTY IMAGES
Carl Frampton sent the partisan crowd in the sold out purpose-built arena in the Titanic District here into raptures on Saturday night by capturing the International Boxing Federation super-bantamweight title from Kiko Martinez in a thrilling, brutal encounter.
Frampton had beaten Martinez twenty months ago, stopping the Spaniard, not then a world champion, in the ninth round for the first time in his career. This time around, the Ulsterman was taken to the wire in a twelve-round war.
It was a landslide unanimous points decision – 119-108, 119-108, 118-111 on the cards – and Frampton had the proud champion on the canvas in the fifth round with one of many counter right hooks, but there were purposeful assaults from both men throughout. A third fight between them is not out of the question.
"He's a tough man and I have never respected a man as much," admitted the 27-year-old who acknowledged the support of "the best fans in the world". It was some event. "I want to fight one man – Scott Quigg – but his promoter Eddie Hearn needs to understand that I am the man with the belt now."
This magnificent performance represents the start of what could be a celebrated journey to the top of boxing’s tough summit, masterminded by his mentor and promoter Barry McGuigan and his son, Shane McGuigan. No stone had been left unturned in the making of both this event, and Frampton’s scintillating encounter in the ring inside the most pressurised cauldron of his professional fighting life.
Huge fights lie ahead for Frampton, against the other world champions – decorated Cuban Guillermo Rigoeaux, Mancunian Quigg and Mexican Leo Santa Cruz. A run of victories could even elevate the talented box-fighter into the world’s pound for pound list. But those days lie ahead. For now, he can bask in the familiar chant of ‘There’s only one Carl Frampton’ the wee lad who grew up less than half a mile from the arena in Tigers Bay.
"He's a very talented fighter and this is the start of the journey for a young man who I believe is a special talent," said McGuigan Senior.
Using the identical ring and canopy as Carl Froch-George Groves 2 at Wembley Stadium on May 31 this year, the atmosphere built to a crescendo as the Spaniard and the hometown hero entered the freezing open air stadium, which had been named 'The Jackal's Den' on account of Frampton's ring sobriquet. The Irishman refused to be denied in his own lair.
In a thrilling, epic, titanic battle – the biggest fight in Northern Ireland’s history – the Ulsterman took his unbeaten record to 19 fights, in a career which looks set for the very highest level. It was Martinez's fifth loss in his 36th prize fight.
Frampton started the fight with aplomb landing right hands landing, and moving smartly to avoid the winging overhand rights thrown by the champion, which whistled through thin air.
The battle was soon intense and sustained. A minute into the second and they were trading brutal, heavy punches. Frampton had success with his jab and left hook, while Martinez scored with a barrage of hooks, one a dangerous counter. Frampton replied with a heavy right hand of his own. They both fired relentlessly.
The third round was Frampton’s, as he firstly attacked the body, then caught the 28-year-old off balance with a right hook and commanded by attacking off the back foot with clinical counters. But still the obdurate Spaniard marched forward.
Frampton then staggered Martinez with another right and was caught himself in the counter, replying immediately with a precise combination. It was a pattern mirrored round after round. The pace was relentless as the protagonists sought to break their foe. Frampton was warned for going in with his head at the end of the fourth period.
Martinez poured the pressure on in the fifth as Frampton slipped and the Spanish slugger took aim at him on the ground. The Irishman regained his composure and, seconds later, Martinez was cut on the left eye, before Frampton put him down with a right hook. Belfast erupted. Martinez was up at the count of eight.
The champion continued to march forward in the sixth, his face reddening as Frampton caught him with slick counters, two big right hands, and moved out of trouble with deft, slick movement. It was brilliant boxing from Frampton again.
Still dangerous, Martinez landed a sharp left hook in the seventh, intent on breaking the challenger. Biting down on his gumshield, breathing hard, Martinez refused to relent as first jabs then right hands came stinging back from the circling challenger.
Frampton rocked Martinez with a left and then a right in the eighth, looking to box smart as blood trickled down the left hand side of the visiting fighter’s face.
In the final third they did not desist from their all-out battle of fists and will. A right-hook left uppercut from Frampton was met by a double jab from Martinez, rocking his younger foe’s head back.
There were opportunities for Frampton to end the fight decisively. A barrage of scything punches in the eleventh suddenly slowed Martinez, and it appeared that Frampton may just force the finish, but the champion roared back, the two men going into the trenches in the final round for a memorable war.
Trainer McGuigan, two years younger than the newly-crowned 122lbs world champion, had called on the services of a renowned bio-scientist in his preparation and the challenger needed every advantage to battle his way to the end on a memorable night in Ireland's proud boxing history.

Great Films with a Hook

When you can’t go fishing, you might as well watch a good fishing movie. Here are four sure to hook you.
    Captains Courageous was filmed in 1927 and plays as well today as it did almost 90 years ago. Based on the 1897 novel by Rudyard Kipling, Captains details the adventures of Harvey Cheyne (Freddie Batholomew), a privileged and spoiled young man recently expelled from his exclusive boarding school.
    Taken by his father on an overseas business trip as a form of counseling, Cheyne is swept overboard off the coast of Newfoundland. Rescued by a passing Grand Banks fishing schooner, the youngster is unable to convince his rescuers to interrupt their journey to return him to port. Instead, he must accept a low-wage job to cover his keep until the boat’s scheduled return three months hence.
    Cheyne soon finds that bragging, cheating and complaining do him no good among rugged fishermen. Under the guidance of Manuel, a Portuguese-American seaman played by a brilliant Spencer Tracy, Cheyne learns the way of life at sea and the skills of a fisherman.
    Blossoming under the harsh conditions, the lad changes before our eyes into an admirable young man. He is eventually reunited with his father, who is overwhelmed that the son he believed lost at sea is still alive but even more so at the maturing changes his son has undergone.
    Fast forward to 1944 for To Have and Have Not, a multi-layered World War II film set in Fort de France, Martinique. On the first level it is a conflict story. Humphrey Bogart plays an American sport fishing captain (Henry Morgan) who, plying his trade on the island, gets involved smuggling for the French resistance.
    Cover girl model Lauren Bacall, in her first movie role at age 19, was brought in to spice up the movie’s romantic interest, thus a love story is the second level of the film. Off-screen she and Bogart actually fell in love, the third level. And at that point in the film the celluloid begins to smolder.
    Add in some great character acting by Walter Brennan and Hoagy Carmichael, and you’ve got a hooker of cinematic art — You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?
    1958 gave us another fishing classic, The Old Man and the Sea, again starring Spencer Tracy. Taken from a 1952 novella that won Ernest Hemingway the Pulitzer that year and led to a Nobel Prize, the film retains many of the book’s internal (and classic Hemingway) monologues.
    A Cuban fisherman in his waning years hooks a giant blue marlin far offshore and battles him for three exhausting days. See the film to find out what happens next. If you already know, view it to renew your experience with both Hemingway and Tracy, two masters at the peak of their craft.
    The best recently released fishing movie is 2011’s odd Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. A wealthy Yemeni sheik falls in love with fly fishing for salmon while living in England and decides to bring that experience to the desert-living people of his native land.
    He and his attractive British financial consultant manage to finagle the cooperation of Britain’s leading expert on salmon, icily played by Ewan McGregor, who reluctantly signs on to the seemingly impossible challenge.
    From there the film becomes a love story, a political satire and a charming work of art. If you’ve ever suspected the sanity of fly anglers, this film will confirm your suspicions.
    Enjoy this quartet these cold winter nights and replay them any time the fishing is slow.